About us

Monday, 09 September 2013 10:43

About us

In 2004 we opened our first shirts’ shop, followed by the opening of the second one after two years. Few months later we started to handcraft tailor-made shirts and ties thanks to high qualified tailors, with a thirty years experience in this field.

To the standard handcrafted outfit, we’ve successfully introduced the ‘tailor-made’ service, the actual strength of our handcrafted production. 

Our creative and purpose spirit brings us to always look for something new, stylish, classy but also sporty, giving always importance to the cotton, linen and silk high quality. As well as to the high handcrafted production level, up to the handmade packaging, the finishing, the details and the accessories ordered.

Our organizational structure gives us the opportunity to satisfy within a reasonable terms the most demanding orders, to continuously stock other shops or suppliers in Italy and Abroad


Antonio Colletta is the owner of Camiceria Contrada, the commercial and organizational structure manager. Antonio has a well-established ten years professional experience in the fabric field. He has as a matter of fact managerially cooperate with a franchising company working in Italy over 120 shops. He has then decided to open his ‘handcraft shop’ to create high quality tailor-made shirts and ties, differently from lots of other trade lines.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 07:39

Made in Italy

Italy is full of handcraft traditions, signs of quality, research and style around the world.

Camiceria Contrada selects the best Italian fabrics producers and the best specialized handcrafters in order to offer, with passion, the best to our Clients.

Camiceria Contrada - Viale Cesare Augusto, 27 - 04100 Latina (LT) - tel/fax: +39 0773 691155 - cell: +39 340 4073384 - P.IVA 02188300590