As a traditional shirtshop we do realize complete modelling structures for man, woman and child.

Models are:

  • slim or tight-waisted, with ‘cugni’ (shrinkage) on the back and - on demand- on the front too (click to enlarge)
  • comfort or classic model, straight cut with comfortable and regular size the male classic model can have different wearability in the shoulder and back area: such wearability are linked to the body anatomy of the single person and it can have one, two or more pinces. The outfit will so easily follow the back movements, offering the most comfortable wearability. (click to enlarge)
  • Saharian, particularly right for the summer, long and straight tunic. Two opening on the sides, four pockets with felt pad, shoulders with buttons and short sleeves or rolling up ones thanks to an external tongue with buttonhole. Such a model, redesigned, can be realized for woman and child too.
  • Polo shirt, closed on the front, with only 3 buttons. It can be produced with both long or short sleeves, for both man, woman and child.

Only for women:

  • Chemisier, similar to the Kaftan,a real female outfit, easy and semi-sporty.


Some of our models (click to enlarge):

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