The tie is a very important accessory, both for a classic, trendy or informal style. You can choose according to your daily needs, taste and...mood!

Camiceria Contrada realizes its ties utilizing the best raw materials, characterized by the exact cut and stitch. The huge range of colors and fantasies, the different manufacturing or weaving and the finishing will warrant a piece unique and exclusive.

The tissues utilized, mostly silk and wool, are very good, selected by us among the best in Italy.

The tie can be realized with the traditional technique or with the settepieghe technique, like the best Italian manufacturing. It utilizes a double quantity of silk compared to the ordinary cut. Most of the tissue is utilized in the tie's 'belly', collecting the tissue fold up several time. Generally the tie has a wadding giving to thickness and solidity. By utilizing only silk the manufacturing will be more refined, and the ties will be very soft, fresh and essential.

Camiceria Contrada proposes to its clients precious foulard/ascot, pochette and handkerchief for the jacket, usually combined to the silk tie or the bow tie, for good occasions.

Ties can be tailor made and proportioned as preferred, deciding their lines and finishing level.


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